Fluke-3000FC IND fluke Connect tool Kit

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(FLK-3000FC IND)
Mfg: Fluke®
Price Each: $1,157.99
WIRELESS INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM FC - The Fluke 3000FC Industrial Service Kit displays the readings wirelessly on the 3000 FC Wireless Digital Multimeter. It allows you to work on electrical panels faster, safer, and easier. Fluke Connect with ShareLive lets you stay in contact with your entire team without leaving the field. Connect the three FC Wireless iFlex AC Current Module to your test points, and view the results from all three phases in 1/3 the time and cost of current test methods or connect the FC Wireless AC Voltage Module and view both voltage and current measurements simultaneously. You'll get better answers, faster, and spend less time in full PPE. From short distances, you can even view readings from modules through closed electrical panels. Plus the Fluke Connect remote modules capture up to 65,000 sets of time stamped min/max/avg readings, using the optional PC adapter. Fluke Connect wireless test tools also offer increased safety by letting you view readings in a separate location from the test point.
  • Industrial Kit
  • Fluke Connect
  • AC Voltage and AC Current
  • 25000 Amp AC
  • 1000V TRMS AC
  • Frequency
  • Capatiance