Process Calibrators

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Multifunction process calibrators are the Swiss Army knives of calibration instruments. They are designed around a sophisticated array of electronics which, depending upon the range of functions a particular model includes may be capable of reading and sourcing voltage, current, frequency and resistance signals from nearly any source. Combining this versatility with the appropriate process connections enables multifunction process calibrators to calibrate nearly any device that uses those signals as either input or output. Multifunction calibrators can therefore do the job of pressure calibrators, temperature calibrators, electrical/loop calibrators and more.
  • Voltage/Current
  • Frequency, Resistance, Temperature, Pressure
  •  Source or Simulate
  • Produce calibration reports
  •  Some Can Store Data
  • HART ™  Foundation Fieldbus ™ Profibus ™
  • Intrinsically Safe options

The benefit of multifunction process calibrators is their ability to read and source a number of input and output signals such as voltage, current, frequency and resistance. Since these signals are so common in process applications, this ability allows using multifunction process calibrator to calibrate most process instruments.

Things to Consider When Selecting a Multifunction Process Calibrator:

  • What type of signal is used by the equipment you wish to calibrate?

  • What measurement parameters do the units under test have?

  • Where will calibrations take place? The lab? The field?

  • What level of accuracy is needed?

  • Are any communication protocols needed?

  • What types of adapters, if any, are needed to attach the unit under test to the calibrator?

  • Is a calibration certificate needed? Which one?

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