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In 2015, Pacific Test and Measurement added AEMC Instruments to our line of Manufacturer.   Located in Dover NH, AEMC is a leader in Electronic Test and Measurement Equipment.
Founded in 1893, AEMC Instruments well known for their ground resistance testers became a leader in ground testing with the NEW revolutionary tower testing system.  In addition, AEMC’s Data Loggers, Power Quality Loggers and Insulations resistance testers provide Quality, Rugged products all at a value to the customer.
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Pacific Test and Measurement and AEMC are dedicated to customer support and making sure the customer is satisfied our common bond is making the customer and the service we provide our top priority.
After 121 years, you can feel confident that AEMC knows what they are doing.
Need help to select the “right tool for the right job”?  Our Experienced, Friendly Staff is available to take your Call – 503-406-4373, or fill out the contact us form, and one of our Sales Engineers will call you back to discuss your application needs.