What makes Pacific Test and Measurement Inc. different?

More than 17 years ago, Pacific Test and Measurement Inc. set out to build a company that focused on the “old school” conventional way of doing business: Face to face, over the phone, talking to “real” people, working together to solve problems, all while developing long term relationships.
Our goal was to deliver a great customer experience and offer quality products at a value for the customer, in providing these core services, Pacific Test and Measurement Inc.,  has built a legacy of customers who continue to do business with them today.
Founded in 2003, Pacific Test and Measurement is a privately owned company based in Milwaukie, Oregon. Our initial offering of Compliance Testing Thermocouples and our Re-Tip Program brought us into the test and measurement industry. Steady growth and a broader vision have developed Pacific Test and Measurement Inc. into who we are today!
We are distributors and manufacturer's reps of test and measurement equipment, including a wide range of industry-leading brands as well as a core offering of our own PTM-branded products and services.

Let Pacific Test and Measurement show you what makes us different! 

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