Thermal & Sonic Imagers

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Pacific Test and Measurement offers the Fluke and Amprobe line of Thermal imagers, also known as infrared cameras. These are highly sophisticated sensing devices that provide a visual representation of the infrared energy emitted by objects. Since more infrared energy is emitted from higher temperature objects, by sensing these wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, thermal imagers are able to see heat and how its distributed, making them an extremely valuable diagnostic tool.
With options like Laser Sharp Auto Focus™ and Super Resolution™ and Fluke Connect™ you will experience the difference that owning Fluke Thermal Imager Makes. Call for your free demonstration today.
  • Multisharp ™ Focus
  •  Laser Sharp Auto Focus ™
  •  Super Resolution ™
  •  Fluke Connect ™
  • High Temperature Ranges Available
  • 640x480 Pixel resolution available
  • Distance To Spot Accuracy
  • Data Logging and Voice Annotation options
  •  Built in Distance Meter
  • Picture in Picture viewing
  • Video Streaming options

Though thermal imagers are a temperature mapping instrument, they rely on infrared light as the basis of their measurements. Infrared light is one of many forms of electromagnetic energy. A basic principle of electromagnetic radiation is that it travels in waves. The distance over which the wave’s shape repeats itself, the wavelength, determines the nature of the energy. Wavelengths can vary from thousands of kilometers to a fraction of the size of an atom.


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