Professional Thermal Imagers

Fluke Thermal imagers for the Professional Thermographers and Maintenance Mangers,  when being “In Focus” is the top priority.
Every infrared camera user knows that if your image is out of focus, temperature measurements could be off by up to 20 degrees or more, making it easier to miss a problem. That’s why Fluke engineered LaserSharp® Auto Focus—which uses a built-in laser distance meter to instantly calculate and display the distance to your target so you get an in-focus image with the touch of a button.
• Excellent image quality
• High temperature measurement (up to 1200 °C)
• Save and share measurements from the field with your team anytime, from anywhere.
• Instantly capture an in-focus image with the touch of a button
• Infinite storage capability due to interchangeable SD cards—each holds thousands of images
• Large 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD
• Built-in voice recording and annotation
• Streaming video
• Optional 2x and 4x telephoto and wide angle lenses**
• Remote control and operation
• Field replaceable, easy release battery with charge indicator to prevent unexpected power loss
• Rugged, ergonomic design
• Fully radiometric
• Windows based navigation menu

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