Teledyne Hastings®


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With over 50 years of experience in vacuum technology, Teledyne Hastings Instruments maintains a full line of quality digital and analog vacuum instruments to satisfy stringent requirements of every market within the vacuum industry.  From semiconductor processing, refrigeration, air conditioning, vacuum pump control and monitoring, metallurgy, food processing, neon sign and lighting production.

Teledyne Hastings vacuum instruments are used in government, industrial and academic R&D labs throughout the world. Over the years, the Model VT and CVT instruments, together with the reliability of the rugged Thermocouple gauge tube technology and vacuum sensors, have proven themselves as the standard in the industry by OEM and other equipment suppliers.
The g?as mass flow line of ?meters and controllers cover a broad range of flow rates from 5 sccm to 15,000 slm that includes a variety of flexible options for outputs, calibration, and fittings.???
  • Precision Vacuum Gages
  • Vacuum Gage Tubes
  • Flow Rate Indicators
  • Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
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