Environmental Instruments

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When it comes to the environment Pacific Test and Measurement has all the right tools for the right job.  Whatever you are looking for you can find it here.   Air Quality Meters, Laser Distance Meters, Fluorescent Light Testers, PH, ORP, and Sound Meters, Light meters, Tachometers and more.    If you need it, we provide it. 
Let our friendly staff help you find the Right Environmental Tool for the Right job.
  • Wide Variety of Meters for Testing Environmental Conditions  
  • Air Quality Meters and Sound level meters
  • Water Quality Meters and Wind Speed Meters


Need help to select the “right tool for the right job”?  Our Experienced, Friendly Staff is available to take your Call – 503-406-4373, or fill out the contact us form, and one of our Sales Engineers will call you back to discuss your application needs.