Temperature Products

Temperature is the most commonly measured parameter in commercial and industrial settings. Pacific Test and Measurement has an abundant of instruments that can meet your temperature Measurement needs. Industries as diverse as food processing, pharmaceuticals, cold storage, paper manufacturing, and others absolutely rely on process temperatures being within a certain range, to maintain accuracy, reliability, and longevity of their process control systems.

  • Meters, probes, calibrators, thermal cameras, IR guns
  • Many options to meet customer needs
  • Different accuracies to choose from
  •  Huge selection to choose from

Measuring temperature involves a wide range of specialty sensors such as thermocouples, thermistors, resistive temperature detectors (RTDs), infrared (IR) sensors, bimetal thermometers, and others. These sensors produce an electrical output such as resistance, millivolts or milliamps which correspond to the temperature. These output signals are sent to a readout or controller where they are displayed or used to control a process function.

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