Specialty Instruments

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Pacific Test and Measurement Inc., has a wide array of Specialty Instruments to meet your testing needs.  These Include:  Earth Ground Testers, Micro Ohm Meters, Motor and Transformer Testers, DC Power Supplies, and Generators, High Voltage Probes /Sticks, Battery Testers, Data Loggers and More.
Visit our product Listings to see what items we have to offer.   Our Friendly Staff is available to answer your questions.
  • Earth Ground Testers
  • Micro Ohm Meters
  • Motor Transformer Testers
  • High Voltage Probes/Sticks
  • Battery Testers
  • Data Loggers


Need help to select the “right tool for the right job”?  Our Experienced, Friendly Staff is available to take your Call – 503-406-4373, or fill out the contact us form, and one of our Sales Engineers will call you back to discuss your application needs.