Motor Transformer Test Meters

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The DTR ® is designed with operator safety in mind. Tests are performed at low voltage and, unlike other ratiometers, step-down excitation is employed. This method, in conjunction with an integral H/X reverse protection circuit, guards against the generation of hazardous test voltages normally associated with other transformer ratio measurement instruments.
The DTR ® is fully automatic and uses the IEEE C57.12-90 ™ -2006 test method. No user calibration, range selection, hand cranking or tedious balancing is required. At each measurement, the DTR ® automatically checks for open windings, connections, circuit breakers, short circuits (excess excitation current), incorrect test lead placement, and reverse polarity. Measurements are displayed quickly and accurately.
  • Measures power transformers, VT/PTs and current transformer CT turns ratios
  • Displays turn ratio, excitation current, winding polarity and % deviation from the nameplate values
  • Universal voltage (90-240V supply, 50-60Hz) via external smart/fast battery charger; complete charge in less than 4 hours
  • Internal NiMH battery packs provide up to 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Tests performed by exciting the primary and reading the secondary; provides safer conditions for the operator
  • Display warns of incorrect lead connection, reverse polarity, open and short circuits
  • Easy connection and test setup; no calibration or balancing required
  • Large dual display with adjustable contrast ensures clearer visibility in any lighting environment day or night

Constructed using only the highest quality electrical and mechanical components, the DTR ® sets the standard in advanced design, engineering and workmanship, and it will provide the user with years of accurate and reliable measurements and hassle free test report printouts

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