Air Quality, CO / H20 / Humidity Meters

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Carbon Dioxide detectors sense the presence of CO2. Carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is a critical part of the life cycle of plants and animals as well as a critical component of certain industrial processes.

Though Carbon dioxide is an important component of life itself, carbon dioxide can also be dangerous. In concentrations above 7%, carbon dioxide can cause suffocation in humans. Carbon dioxide is also a major greenhouse gas with severe environmental implications.

Carbon dioxide meters are available as handheld units for spot checking or as fixed mount transmitters for continuous monitoring and with outputs for process control.

  • The CP11 is capable of calculating dew point,  wet bulb temperature
  • Has Automatic or manual logging features
  • Easy Field Calibration
  • Features Mini USB port
  • Large Back Light Display


Rotronic CP11 handheld instrument evaluates the quality of air along with a measurement of the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas present. In closed areas with inferior ventilation and populated with people, carbon dioxide levels can quickly develop in high concentrations.

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