Light Meters / Fluorescent Light Testers

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Monitor and optimize light levels, reduce the energy burden of buildings by significantly increasing the efficiency of the lighting system with a light meter. 
Fluorescent Lamp Tester takes the guess work out of troubleshooting fluorescent light fixtures, saving you time and money. These 3-in-1 tool tests the light bulb, pins, and voltage so you can tell whether fluorescent light bulbs are working before you install or remove them. The intuitive one-button operation, 48" removable and retractable antenna, Helps detect Voltage Non Contact and the ultra-compact design, makes Fluorescent light Tester is the right tool for the right job, in electrical and facilities maintenance applications.
  •  Easy one-touch measurement
  • Data Hold Features
  • Large Display
  • One Button Operation
  • Works with all Fluorescent Light bulbs
  • Visual and Audible alerts for Pin and Voltage Test
  • Pin Test to Check Continuity



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