Scope Meters

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Oscilloscopes are electrical test instruments that display signal voltages in a two dimensional format providing a visual representation of the signal. The resulting graph uses the vertical (Y) axis to represent voltage and the horizontal (X) axis to represent time. Together, this creates a waveform of the electrical signal making it easy to see how it changes over time.
  • 1, 2, 4 Channel options for scopes
  • What MHz Speed (bandwidth) 20, 60, 100, 200, 400
  • Accuracy needed
  • Sampling Rate or Speed
  • Triggering Options available
  • Rise and Fall Time options
  •  Software available


Though most closely associated with testing electrical equipment, oscilloscopes can be used in any application that produces an electrical signal that it can display. Transducers, devices that create an electrical signal in response to physical stimuli, allow oscilloscopes to display nearly any physical phenomena that can be converted into an electrical signal including movement, sound, mechanical stress, pressure, light, or heat. With the right transducer, oscilloscopes can be used to measure brainwaves, heartbeats, engine vibration, voice patterns, and many other things.

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