Insulation Resistance Meters

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Insulation Resistance Meter, sometimes referred to as Megohmmeters or, informally, as meggers, are electrical meters used to determine the condition of the insulation on wire and motor windings. Megohmmeters introduce a high voltage, low current DC (direct current) charge and measure the resistance to determine current leakage and identify faulty or damaged insulation which can lead to arc faults, blown circuits, and risk of electrical shock and/or fire. Routinely using a Insulation Resistance Meter to check insulation in both new installations and as part of a maintenance program is a prudent way to ensure your circuits are safe.
  • Optional Test Voltages, from 50 Volts to 10,000 Volts or greater         
  •  PI Tests, IR Tests, Step Voltage Tests
  •  Data Logging and Communication options
  • Safety Rating


Insulation Resistance Testers are routinely used for testing both following installation as well as part of a predictive maintenance program. Proof tests are conducted for new installations to ensure proper installation and integrity of conductors. This is a quick and simple test, often called a “go/no go test” since it tests cable systems for maintenance errors, incorrect installation, serious degradation, or contamination. The installation passes the test if no breakdown occurs.

Proof tests involve applying a single voltage, generally 500 to 5000 volts, for about one minute. The idea is to stress the insulation above normal working voltages in order to detect subtle weaknesses in the insulation. This is usually about 60 to 80% of the manufacturer’s factory test voltage. Proof tests can be performed on equipment of any capacitance.

Predictive maintenance tests are performed on existing equipment and provide important information about the present and future state of conductors, generators, transformers, and motors. As with any predictive maintenance regime, comparing results gathered over time will help with scheduling diagnostic and repair work, which will reduce downtime from unexpected failures

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