AEMC Power Quality Meter Model 8220

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(Part #2130.90)
Mfg: AEMC®
Additional Model Number: 8220
Price Each: $999.00
The Model 8220 is a single-phase AC + DC power meter with an electroluminescent backlit digital display and is rated to 600V CAT III. It is a measurement tool for electrical parameters and distribution network disturbances, enabling the user to obtain instant measurements of the main characteristics of a single-phase network (voltage, current, power, voltage and current harmonics, etc.) and to monitor machinery in operation (temperature, inrush current and duration of operation, distance of windings and rotational speed).The Model 8220’s accuracy is better than 1% (excluding current sensors). It has a great flexibility due to AEMC’s range of current sensors, measuring from a few hundred milliamps to several thousand amps. The Model 8220 is designed for technicians, control and maintenance engineers, as well as electrical contractors and educators.
  • Measures up to 660 Vrms or VDC
  • Measures up to 6500 AACor 1400ADC(probe dependent)
  • Displays Min, Max and Average Volts and Amps, Crest Factor, Peak value and K-Factor
  • Calculates and displays Watts, VARs and VA, Power Factor and Displacement Power Factor for single-phase and balanced three-phase
  • Displays total harmonic distortion (THD-F and THD-R) for voltage and current
  • Displays individual harmonic values and % for Volts and Amps through the 50th harmonic
  • Captures and displays in-rush current
  • Calculates and displays phase rotation and RPM
  • Displays temperature in both °F and °C
  • Displays resistance up to 200Ω
  • Conducts continuity and diode tests
  • Stores up to nine complete sets of readings for all volt, amp, power and harmonic measurements
  • Configurable from DataView software or front panel
  • Download stored data to DataView software via optical USB port
  • Operates off batteries or recharger
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Replacement optical USB cable for Models 6240, 6470/6470-B, 6471, 6472, 8220 & 8230

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AmpFlex® 193-24-BK 24" for use with Models 8220, 8230, PowerPad & PEL Series
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AmpFlex® 193-36-BK 36" for use with Models 8220, 8230, PowerPad & PEL Series

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Part #2140.38
220V Power Adapter for Model 8230

AEMC Adapter – BNC Adapter
Part #2140.40
Adapter - BNC Adapter for AC/DC Current Probe Model SL261 & Meters 8220, 8333, 8335 & 8336

AEMC Lead –- Set of 5
Part #2140.43
Lead –- Set of 5, Black 10 ft (3M) with 5 Black Alligator Clips, Replacement for Models 8333, 8335, & 8336 {Leads rated 600V CAT IV 10A, Clips rated 1000V CAT IV 15A, UL}
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MiniFlex® Sensor Model MA193-10-BK for use with PowerPad and PEL Series

Set of 2, Color-coded (Red/Black) Magnetized Voltage Probes (600V CAT IV, 1000V CAT III)