AEMC Power Clamp On Meter Model 607

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(Part #2139.61)
Mfg: AEMC®
Additional Model Number: 607
Price Each: $560.00
The TRMS Power Clamp-on Meter Model 607 provides a new standard for safety and measurement capability not available in any other clamp meter sold today. Safety Rated at 1000V CAT IV, it is safe to operate in all electrical environments. It is rugged enough for the most demanding work environments and will withstand both dust and water spray with its IP54 rating. It is ergonomically designed and easily used by one hand, including function selection and button pushing even with a glove on. In addition to the standard measurement of volts, amps, frequency, resistance, diode checking and continuity, the Model 607 offers several unequaled functions including:AC, DC and AC+DC volts, amps and power, True InRush®, power measurements, harmonic analysis, data logging, and more.
  • Accessory
  • Voltage Range: 1000Vrms AC/DC/AC+DC Autoranging
  • Resolution Max: 0.01V
  • Current Range: 2000Arms AC, 3000ADC
  • True InRush®: 20 to 2000AAC, 20 to 3000ADC
  • Frequency: 20kHz in V, 2kHz in A
  • Continuity: Selectable from 0 to 999.9Ω
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AEMC AC Line Splitter Model ALS-1
Part #2121.05
The AC Line Splitter Model ALS-1 increases the sensitivity of clamp-on current probes and clamp-on meters. Avoiding splitting lines makes reading current easy. The Model ALS-1 provides temporary separation of conductors to facilitate measurement of current. Simply plug the Model ALS-1 into a connector for a safe measurement. Direct readings are available. Two clamp positions: X1 for direct readings; X10 for actual reading multiplied by 10. Also features voltage check function.
AEMC Replacement Carrying Case
Case – Replacement Carrying Case for Clamp-on Meter Models 407 & 607

Clip - Safety Alligator - Red (1000V, CAT IV, 15A)

Clip - Safety Alligator - Black (1000V, CAT IV, 15A)

Lead - Set of 2, 5 ft (red/black) leads, probes & clips for Models 401, 403, 405, 407, 601, 603, 605 & 607