Teledyne VT-6 Vacuum Gauge: 0-1000mTorr Range, Series

(Teledyne VT-6)
Mfg: Teledyne Hastings®
Price Each: $340.00
VT-4A Teledyne Hastings Vacuum Gauge; 20 Torr Range, with 115 VAC; VT-Series Vacuum Gauges are available in three standard ranges: 0-100 mTorr, 0-1000 mTorr, and 0-20 Torr. A self-contained gauge circuit is attached to the rear of the direct reading meter. All VT-Series Vacuum Gauges feature long life and minimal maintenance. These instruments utilize THI’s rugged but sensitive noble metal Thermocouple gauge tubes that are designed specifically for each range. Tubes are matched and interchangeable without calibration adjustments. They are compensated for temperature and rate of temperature change and Controllers
  • Torr Range (0-1000 mTorr)
  • 115 VAC
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Compatible with Calibration Reference Tubes
  • 0-1 VDC Output (non-linear)
  • More Options available, Call PTM for Pricing