Mass Flow Controllers

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Teledyne Hastings Instruments brings decades of experience to offer a full line of thermal mass flow measurement and control instruments.

Find reliable solutions for applications in laboratory and industrial environments, high and low flows, corrosive gases, and very high temperatures. Your needs can be met with these quality product lines, designed and manufactured by Teledyne Hastings?.

  • Full series of analog and digital flow and mass flow meters

  • Totalizer

  • Multi-gas calibration

  • Color touch screen display (VUE 300)

  •  Flow capacity for 5sccm to 10,000 SLM

  • Linear, accurate, flexible

We often see the label “One Size Fits All”.  This may be fine for some consumer goods.  Not all applications are alike.  Forcing a “One Size Fits All” MFC into an unsuitable application can squander accuracy and induce valve failure.

Why do you need to specify the gas flow range on a MFC? 
The Full Scale (FS) Range and Gas on a MFC directly correlates to the transmitted output (analog or digital) of the device.  In an analog device, the maximum output value (such as 5 vdc or 20 mA) will be equivalent to the FS value.  The accuracy of most MFCs is a function of this FS Range.  For analog devices, it is commonly ±1% of FS.  For digital devices, it is commonly published to be ±(0.5% of Reading + 0.2% FS).  Selecting the FS Range close to an application’s maximum flow rate optimizes accuracy for that specific application.  This is a good practice.  In addition, the gas must be specified.  Most MFCs use thermal based sensors.  These sensors actually measure the molecular flow rate rather than the mass flow rate.  Various gas molecules transfer heat differently, and thus the gas must be known.

Why do you need to specify upstream pressure and downstream pressure on a MFC? 
Again, not all applications are the same. A “One Size Fits All” MFC is typically not set up for applications at high pressure, low pressure, high differential pressure, or low differential pressure. The definition of high and low will also fluctuate from one user to another. Teledyne Hastings Instruments selects and tests MFC valve components (orifice, spring, etc.) that optimize valve stability for the exact application pressure conditions.

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