GE/Druck Pressure Controllers/Indicators

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PACE 1000, 5000/6000
A new generation of high precision GE/Druck pressure controller, designed for test bench, bench top and rack mount calibration, and automated test applications.
Incorporating our unique range of piezo-resistive sensors and highest performance TERPS pressure-sensor technology, the PACE range of pressure controllers and indicators deliver a fast and modular solution for controlling pressure in production or test environments.
In addition to high-speed pressure control and accuracy performance, the modular design means downtime is vastly reduced, whether re-calibrating or changing pressure ranges, as there is no need to send the complete instrument away, just swap the modules for the right pressure range or send only the module for calibration.
  • Single or dual range control modules
  • Up to 210 (BAR or 3000 psi gauge and absolute)
  • Precision to 0.001% FS over calibrated temp range
  • Long-term stability to 0.0025% FS annum
  • Switch test, leak test, test program, burst test
  • Aeronautical options
  • Touch screen
  • RS232, IEEE connectivity, ethernet and USB as standard

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