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Submersible depth level sensors are used to measure pressure levels in water or other liquids. They rest at the bottom of a tank or well and measure the level of pressure being exerted upon it.
Depth level sensors provide reliable, accurate, and economical level measurements for many industries, and government applications. Applications range from basic well depth to snow pack sensors to river channel depth. These are just a few of the applications that submersible sensors are making measurements for today.

Submersible Depth Level Sensors from Pacific Test and Measurement

Pacific Test and Measurement is the leader in providing depth level sensors for all applications. We offer lightning surge protection, stilling well weights, cable clamps, and desiccant electrical termination boxes to keep moisture from the sensor.
Our submersible depth level sensors are good for:
  • Water level sensors
  • Ground water level sensors
  • Fresh water and subsea applications  
Monitoring the quality and quantity of surface and ground water can be categorized into three key areas: natural water monitoring, drinking water, and waste water management. Our market leading pressure sensors use designs based on over 40 years of experience, making the GE sensors highly suited for the environmental and wastewater applications.

Features of our water quality sensors:

  • Small in diameter to fit most stilling wells
  • High sensitive sensors for low pressure applications
  • Special nose cone for high silting environments
  • Extreme temperature ranges
  • 40 years of experience in depth level monitoring
  • Analog electronics that enable pulsed operation to reduce power consumption
  • Titanium construction for corrosion protection

To learn more about our water quality sensors and other measurement equipment, contact us or request a quote today.