Wide array of Pressure Calibrators

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Multifunction and pressure calibrators are the do-everything calibration instrument. Capable of accepting input from a wide variety of sensors, many are also able to calibrate pressure equipment. The multifunction calibrator serves as the display and accompanying electronics while internal or external generation devices create pressure while pressure modules serve as the standard.

A multifunction calibrator is more sophisticated than a hand pump and offers features that make calibration more accurate. For example, multifunction calibrators often include internal sensors to compensate for ambient temperature and pressure thus mitigating two of the most common reasons for uncertainty in calibration.

A wide range of process calibration tools provide a complete solution for testing, calibrating and commissioning Measurement and control devices in many process industries. These calibrators cover multiple parameters such as electrical, pressure, and temperature, and include outstanding accuracy and rugged performance so field engineers have everything they need to ensure instrumentation is correctly calibrated and meeting regulatory requirements.
With a multitude of options available--mix and match “the right tool for the right job!” 
  • HART Protocol, PROFI BUS, Foundation Fieldbus Communication
  • High accuracy
  • Wifi, Bluetooth, and USB options
  • Documenting calibration options
  • Intrinsically safe version available approved for hazardous areas
  • Basic to modular pressure systems
  • Generate pressures to 15,000 psi (PV623)

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