Amprobe CO2-200 CO2 Mountable Meter

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Mfg: Amprobe®
Price Each: $334.99
CO2 MOUNTABLE METER - The Amprobe CO2-200 carbon dioxide meter is a wall-mounted meter that provides instant CO2 measurements as well as measurements for temperature and humidity. The CO2-200 is designed to measure air quality compliance in critical environment controlled areas such as laboratories and production floors. Amprobe CO2-200 carbon dioxide meters utilize a low drift NDIR (Non-Dispersive Infrared) sensor to take CO2 measurements up to 9999 ppm with an accuracy of ±75 ppm ±5% of reading. Levels, as well as temperature and humidity readings, are displayed on the oversized LCD. The meter has an audible alarm threshold setting that can be configured to a specified carbon dioxide level. The CO2-200 also includes an output drive relay to control the air flow system. Other features of the Amprobe CO2-200 is a USB interface for downloading results to a PC, data hold, and Maximum, Minimum and Average values.
  • Wall Mount Low Drift Portable meter for checking indoor air quality
  • Co2 Measurement up to 9999 ppm
  • Triple Display with Simultaneous CO2, Temperature and Relative humidity
  • Air Quality Analysis
  • TWA Display
  • 15 minute short term exposure limit value
  • Audible alarm threshold
  • Up to $3,000 in FREE gifts