Temperature Probes

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Pacific Test and Measurement offers, Custom Temperature Probes and RTDs, (Resistance temperature detectors) often referred to as resistance thermometers or Probes, are temperature sensing devices that work by correlating the resistance of a highly pure conductor to temperature. RTDs are commonly used in a wide range of process and measurement applications.
RTDs are generally considered to be among the most accurate temperature sensors available. In addition to offering very good accuracy, they provide excellent stability and repeatability. RTDs also feature high immunity to electrical noise and are, therefore, well suited for applications in process and industrial automation environments, especially around motors, generators and other high voltage equipment.
  • Platinum Resistance  (PRT’s)
  • Standard Platinum Resistance  (SPRT’s)
  • RTD’s
  • +/-.001% C Accuracy’s
  • Multiple Temperature Ranges
RTD elements are available in different styles but all consist of a highly pure conductive metal such as platinum, copper, aluminum, or nickel; inside of a sheathed probe for protection. These materials are used for their highly predictable resistance versus temperature relationship and operating temperature range.

Platinum is the preferred material for RTD elements. As a noble metal, platinum doesn’t react with other materials making it highly stable with a very linear and repeatable resistance-temperature relationship over an effective temperature range of -272.5 to 961.78°C. Platinum RTDs, which are often called PRTs (Platinum Resistance Thermometers), are accurate enough to serve as the sensors that define the International Temperature Standard, ITS-90. RTDs of the highest accuracy are called SPRTs (Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers) which can achieve an accuracy of up to ±0.001°C.

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