Temp / Humidity Calibrators

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Pacific Test and Measurement offers a wide array of Calibration and Reference Instrumentation.

This Equipment is used to perform instrument calibrations in units as part of overall quality assurance programs, to verify the accuracy of specific measurements and to support the development of new measurement methods.
The Rotronic HygroGen2 humidity and temperature generator calibrates up to five relative humidity probes simultaneously and typically requires less than 5 minutes to equilibrate from one humidity condition to another when temperature is kept constant. The Rotronic HygroGen2 utilizes a mixed flow method to precisely generate a known humidity and temperature condition within a well insulated chamber. A desiccant cartridge provides low humidity and a saturator provides high humidity. These are mixed together by a control system to create stable humidity within the range of 5 to 95% RH. Temperature is controlled with a thermoelectric heat pump and can be set within the range of 0 to 60°C.
  • 5 to 95% Relative Humidity Range
  • Extremely stable, and Accurate
  • Fast Response Times
  •  Lab Bench portable

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