Handheld Humidity Meters

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The ROTRONIC HygroPalm handheld instrument offer the AirChip3000 generation.  These  are the perfect instruments for climatic measurements. They are extremely precise and feature many practical functions.

HygroPalms are adjusted and configured during production and are therefore ready for immediate use. They can be configured for specific applications with user friendly HW4 software or directly on the keypad. A large range of interchangeable probes enables easy and flexible use, straightforward maintenance and simple calibration.
• Data recording function up to 10'000 data records (with date, time, batch no.)
• Two probe connections for all ROTRONIC HC2 probes or analog third-party probes
• Adjustment of transmitters HF3, HF4, HF5, HF7, HF8, via service cable
• All psychrometric calculations
• Integrated clock (real time clock) for timestamp for every measured value
• Battery charging function
• Interface (USB)

Probe selection is based on the application. Depending on the HygroClip2 probe model, the measurement range is between 0 to 100 %RH and -100 to 200°C (-148 to 392°F). The HygroClip2 probes feature durable sensors, consistent performance and can be hot-swapped to facilitate routine maintenance.

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