Teledyne HPM 4/5/6 Battery Operated Portable Vacuum Gauge

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(Teledyne HPM 4/5/6)
Mfg: Teledyne Hastings®
Price Each: $665.00
The Teledyne Hastings Instruments’ HPM4/5/6 is a hand-held, battery-operated digital vacuum gauge based on the highly successful VT/CVT-Series of “Hastings Gauges" which have generated loyal customers forever 50 years. A reputation has been built on exceptional stability, accuracy, and reliability under the most demanding conditions. The HPM 4/5/6 features a precision A/ along with a microprocessor to measure the thermocouple vacuum gauge tube's signal output. The microprocessor converts the measurement to a pressure reading by employing the gauge tube’s well defined output/pressure relationship. The result is displayed using a bright, easy-to read graphical display. The HPM 4/5/6 is Vacuum Controllers, CVT series are fully automatic, continuous-reading instruments for unlimited vacuum applications. These controllers operate in the same standard ranges as the VT meters with the addition of double user selectable control limits. The control points are durable 5amp single pole double throw relays which can be configured normally open or normally closed.
  • Torr Range (0-20 Torr to 1000 mTorr)
  • Battery Operated
  • The HPM 4/5/6 is compatible with three ofTHI’s most popular gauge tube families: DV-4, DV-5 and DV-6.
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