Exposed Bead Compliance T/C

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Mfg: Pacific Test and Measurement®
Thermocouple Type: J
Wire Gauge: 28
Length: 15 Foot
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Type J 28 awg, FBG, SLE, 15'; PTM Compliance Testing Thermocouple, with Exposed Welded Bead.
These are special limit of error tolerance thermocouples, and have continuous temperature ratings up to 900 deg F.

Complies to IEC CTL-OP109 UL; Ed. 3.0 and IEC 60584-2 tolerance.

These are normally in stock and ready for shipment

(ISO 17025 LOT Certification is available at an additional charge) See UL0038

  • special Limits of Error Tolerance +/- 1.1 deg C or .4% whichever is greater.
  • Fast Response times
  • Wire Type is solid
  • Low Cost, Fast Shipping (normally in Stock) Calibration does add shipping time
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Mini Connector - Male
MC-M-Type X
Male mini-connector in Type J, Type T, and Type K.
This connector is ideal for smaller gauge wire.

How to Order: 
Mini Connector part number:  MC-M-Type "X"
X= J, K, or T
(must specify what "Type" of Thermocouple)

Male  - Standard Thermocouple connector in Type J, Type T, and Type K.

How to Order: 
Standard Connector part number:  SC-M-Type "X"
X= J, K, or T
(must specify what "Type" of Thermocouple)

T/C Junction Box - Rugged Standard
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  • Fast turnaround
  • Special options available
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