Compliance Testing Thermocouple Wire

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Mfg: Pacific Test and Measurement®
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Type J 24 awg, FEP/FEP, SLE, 1000'Spool PTM Compliance Testing Thermocouple wire ONLY. Complies to (IEC CTL-OP109 UL; Ed. 3.0) and (IEC 60584-2 Tolerance) This is special limit of error tolerance thermocouple Wire, and has continuous Temperature ratings to 400 deg F.  This wire is normally in stock and ready for shipment (ISO 17025 LOT Certification is available at an additional charge) See UL0037
  • special Limits of Error Tolerance +/- 1.1 deg C or .4% whichever is greater.
  • Fast Response times
  • Wire Type is solid
  • Low Cost, Fast Shipping (normally in Stock) Calibration does add shipping time