Gas Detection - Fixed Systems

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The Delphian Determinator (Fixed Point Infrared) sensor is a smart infrared hydrocarbon gas detector. It has no moving parts. It displays gas concentrations up to and above 100% LEL including over-range (above 120% LEL) concentrations up to 999% LEL.  It can determine which hydrocarbon gas is being detected and transmit a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the LEL concentration of that gas or vapor. The Determinator displays the correct LEL as well as the gas detected on its five digit LED display. It can be set to show up to three gas alarm levels. An optional four-relay alarm module (SLAM) can be connected directly to the Determinator so that local alarms can be actuated in the event of a gas alarm or failure. The detector head is designed so that all normal operations, including checking calibration and changing alarm levels can be done in the field without declassifying the area. 
  • Altitude adjustment: altitude can make up to a 25% difference in readings. Delphian's patented altitude adjustment corrects this problem.
  • Will provide correct LEL and linearization simultaneously for a wide range of CHC gas/vapors consistently (patent pending).
  • Competitive models are often switch selectable between a few gases, but for all gases except the one selected, they compute their LEL incorrectly.
  • Virtually immune to the water condensation and temperature/humidity variations which cause competitive models to give inaccurate readings.
  • Bright, large five-digit LED display allows user to easily see gas alarms, the gas being detected and any fault conditions.
  • Easy to change alarm settings in the field, without removing the cover.
  • No moving parts.
  • Smaller footprint than most competitive models.
  • Uses the same conduit box and wiring as Delphian's catalytic bead sensor, so field replacement of existing catalytic sensors is easy.
  • Rugged construction and encapsulated electronics protect it from water, corrosion and normal vibration.
  • Response time and recovery of the Determinator is much faster than that of competitive units we have tested. Design of light Pipe (patent pending) allows more rapid response and recovery times.

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