Fluke Educational Program

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(Fluke Educational Program)
Mfg: Fluke®
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    Pacific Test and Measurement is proud to be a Fluke Registered Educational Distributor!!!


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    How to Register:

    1. Visit:  http://support.fluke.com/register/default.asp

    2. Select “Fluke Educator Portal,”

    3. Click Register, and Complete the form

    How the program works:
    After registering for the Fluke education program from above, use the educator portal to browse the discount price list, select Pacific Test and Measurement in the distributor area and print out our order form or see below for the various forms. Submit the form to Pacific Test and Measurement. Once done, Fluke will ship the items directly to you. 

    Who qualifies for educator discounts?
    The educator discount is available only to instructors who teach electrical/electronic courses in university, community college, or technical/trade school settings, or are instructors in an established apprenticeship program like NJATC or IEC. The discount is not available to company trainers or for-profit schools.

    What you get with your program benefits:
    FREE educational materials to complement and enhance your current curriculum. Each Fluke Education Module has been developed by the test and measurement experts at Fluke. These instructional materials are based on the same information Fluke uses to teach customers on how to solve real-world problems.

    Modules include:
    • PowerPoint or overhead presentations
    • Application notes and articles
    • Posters or other visual aids for the classroom

    25% discount on selected Fluke products:
    Equip your labs and help your students acquire professional tools at a substantial discount. Choose from digital multimetersclamp meterstestersScopeMeters®insulation testerspower quality toolsprocess calibratorsaccessories and more.

    The Education Partnership web site: dedicated to our education partners.
    This content-rich site offers you:
    • Direct downloads of the Fluke curriculum materials (you may also order materials on CD)
    • Access to a wide variety of other technical materials in the Fluke Digital Library
    • Discount price list and ordering information
    • The latest information about what’s new at Fluke Contact us today to learn more about the educational program.