Fluke Conversion Weight Set

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Mfg: Fluke®
Price Each: $3,560.00
CONVERSION WEIGHT SET, P3015 KPA - The Fluke Calibration conversion weight sets allow a deadweight tester to calibrate in different pressure units without the need to perform conversion calculations. The weight sets are adjusted to the correct mass for use with the existing piston. Each weight set includes a replacement low-pressure weight carrier table and a replacement high-pressure weight carrier ring. These items are simply exchanged for the original items when using the conversion weights.
  • 0.015% of reading accuracy standard (0.008% optional)
  • Units can be trimmed to local gravity FOC
  • For Fluke P3011 Vacuum and Dual Vacuum/Pressure Model Pneumatic Deadweight Tester
  • Note: We will need to know the instrument serial number this product is going to be matched with.
  • Up to $3,000 in FREE gifts
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