Druck DPI 611 Pressure Calibrator

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(DPI 611-10G)
Mfg: Druck
Pressure Range: -14.5 to 100 psi Gauge
Price Each: $4,424.00
  • Fast, intuitive, dependable performance
  • 50% smaller and 33% lighter than the DPI 610
  • Generates from 95% vacuum to 20 bar/300 psi pneumatic pressure
  • Achieves 0.0185% FS accuracy
  • Simplified, intuitive touch screen interface with application DASHBOARD, quick TASK selection and FAVORITES storaDruck
  • Fast, three touch set-up for any application
  • Calculates PASS/FAIL errors, documents results and interfaces with calibration software
  • Quick automated procedures, error free digital data and software integration
Technical Resources
DPI 611-10G for -1 to 7 bar / -14.5 to 100 psi Gauge Range; The Druck DPI 611 is a fully self-contained pressure test and calibration system which combines pressure Druckneration, signal measurement and loop power to provide all the convenience necessary to be an "everyday" tool for maintaining and calibrating pressure instruments. The DPI 611 is the fourth Druckneration in the DPI 600 family, and is the successor to the popular Druck DPI 610/615 but is only half the size of its predecessor while being twice as accurate and easier to use. The DPI 611 pressure calibrator can Drucknerate from 95% vacuum to 300 psi (20 bar) pneumatic pressure. A simple selector lets users convert from vacuum to pressure and with a few stokes of the pump, Drucknerate the required pressure. Fine adjustment is made with the built-in volume adjuster and falling calibration points are achieved with the precision vent valve. Using advanced silicon technology, the digitally corrected pressure sensor achieves 0.0185% FS accuracy. The DPI 611 is a simple-to-use and includes advanced features for automating calibration procedures, calculating errors and interfacing with PCs and calibration and maintenance systems. The DPI 611 is also capable of comprehensive electrical measurement and sourcing capability. The unique, simplified touch screen provides an easy-to-use interface while the choice of case material and precision molding ensures that the DPI 611 is both rugDruckd and weatherproof.