Amprobe-Digital Clamp Meter

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Mfg: Amprobe®
Price Each: $201.95
600A AC CLAMP DMM W/TEMPERATURE,CAP,LOW DC AMP - The Amprobe AC75B is a digital clamp meter that measures AC current up to 600 A, AC voltage up to 750 V, DC voltage up to 1000 V and temperature up to 400°C (1000°F). Custom designed to make HVAC/R service, electrical and industrial maintenance tasks faster and easier. Amprobe AC75B digital clamp meters combine a heavy-duty high-capacity 600 A clamp-on meter with the most needed DMM functions such as resistance, continuity and voltage measurement for general electrical troubleshooting. The Amprobe AC75B digital clamp meter goes above and beyond typical clamp meters and adds extra functions like a Type K digital thermometer, a high capacitance range and display backlight. The extra features of the AC75B enable more specialized troubleshooting such as measuring flame rod safeguard current and testing motor run/start capacitors. Amprobe AC75B digital clamp meters with temperature measurement have a CAT III 600 V and CAT II 1000 V safety rating.
  • 600 A AC current
  • Digital thermometer 400 °C (1000 °F), Type K probe included
  • AC/DC 750 V/1000 V
  • 40 MW resistance
  • Capacitance to 4000 μF for motor run/start testing
  • Up to $3,000 in FREE gifts
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Amprobe Case
Case for ACDC 3000/A1000
Amprobe-Line Splitter
AC OUTLET LINE SPLITTER,X1 AND X10 RANGES - The Amprobe ELS2A AC current clamp accessory is for sue with all models of clamp meters. It enables the user of a clamp meter to measure the current on a 2-wire or 3-wire power cord to 15 A without having to cut off the plug and separate the conductors, or opening electrical boxes on 120 V lines. The Amprobe ELS2A also includes a 10X current multiplier loop for increased sensitivity and accuracy of low-current measurements.