Amprobe Advanced WiretTacer

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Mfg: Amprobe®
Price Each: $974.95
ADVANCED WIRE TRACER, W/HARD CASE & CLAMP-ON TRANSMITTER; -The Amprobe AT-4004-A wire tracer is one of the most advanced of all wire tracers. The AT-4004-A combines innovative technology and features to make wire tracing easy, fast, and precise, plus this model contains a clamp-on attachment to inject a signal without making contact with bare wire. Use this electrical wire tracer for finding wires in walls, tracing energized wires and locating breakers without interrupting power. You can also use the AT4004A to find energized and de-energized wires, including broken and disconnected wires, and pinpoint shorts and ground faults.
  • Locates and traces energized and de-energized wires in walls, floors, plastic conduit, cable shields and computer cables, without interrupting power
  • Includes one universal transmitter that automatically switches to work with either energized or de-energized systems
  • Receiver is not position-sensitive so doesn't require rotation for accurate readings
  • Pinpoints shorts, breakers, neutrals, broken wires, and ground lines
  • Includes hard shell carry case, along with clamp on transmitter
  • Up to $3,000 in FREE gifts